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The Right Order in Which to Clean your Home

Unless cleaning is on the short list of ways you like to spend your weekend, you are most likely looking for the quickest and most direct way to get it done and out of the way so you can get back to enjoying your free time.

It’s no secret among professionals; order matters and there is a perfect, most effective order in which to clean your home and you can save yourself tons of time by following it.

Drawing up a plan makes the immense task of cleaning an entire house more manageable, so with a bit of planning, you can tackle the task in nearly half the time.

Gather up your cleaning supplies and tools and let’s get started with these great tips!

One Room at a Time—and the Bathroom Comes First


Cleaning one room at a time is the best method, meaning, you start in one room and finish that room before moving on to another so that you don’t waste time running back and forth.

Experts suggest that you start where it stinks – or doesn’t stink if you clean the suggested 15-30 minutes a day to maintain standard cleanliness – the bathroom!

It is most likely the smallest room in your abode, but somehow also, the most time-consuming with all that scrubbing and spraying, from the shower to the sink, toilet, and floor.

The idea behind starting with the bathroom is that it’s the absolute worst, and sometimes it helps psychologically to get the most daunting task out of the way first to make the rest of the chores seem easier.

Organize and Dust

To avoid missing anything, clean left to right so that you start and finish at the exact same spot. Speed does not come from rushing, but rather from method and eventually, practice.  

To avoid having to re-clean and re-do entire sections, clean top to bottom, working your way down as you go along. This will ensure that you’re not tossing dust bunnies all over your freshly mopped floors.

Grab a feather duster and start at the top of each room, from the ceiling fans and Venetian blinds, and work your way down to the baseboards.

Don’t forget to wipe down all the surfaces in between– tables, mirrors, and windows– using a microfiber cloth and a bit of warm water for scratch-free, streak-free finishes.

Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop

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You started at the top, now you’ve made it to the bottom! Here I’m going to state the obvious – break out the broom or the vacuum cleaner before you break out the mop.  

When vacuuming work in straight, complete rows to guarantee you won’t have to waste time zig-zagging around, and also that you don’t miss any spots.  You can toss the chord over your shoulder to avoid tangling.

Once you’ve swept and vacuumed and you are ready to mop, remember to start in the farthest corner and work your way towards the door so you don’t have to walk over your freshly cleaned floor.

Experts suggest rinsing and wringing out your mop after each 4×4 area to safeguard against washing with murky water for hygienic purposes.

The Kitchen


If you’re proactive about cleaning messes when they happen, cleaning the kitchen should really be a breeze.

In the spirit of getting the worst task out of the way, start with the stove top, which may require special cleaning products – a paste of salt, baking soda and water is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals that you can make at home with things you likely already have on hand.

Next, wipe down all cabinets and appliance fronts (and insides, if it applies, don’t forget your microwave!) disinfect all surfaces, take out the trash, sweep and mop the floor and you’ve cleaned your entire house!

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