Get Motivated to Clean with These 12 Tips! 

A clean home isn’t something that happens by accident. It takes time and effort, as you have discovered the hard way. Cleaning is the last thing on your mind when you work, have kids, and have a life. 

When you arrived home from a hard day at work, you had to worry about getting dinner on the table and making the kids ready for bed. You didn’t have the time or energy to spend keeping your house tidy. Then, as time passed, the house became increasingly dirty. You became overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, so the house remained unclean. 

Having trouble finding cleaning motivation 

Cleaning isn’t usually the problem; instead, it’s: 

  •  Insufficient motivation 
  • Not sure where to begin 
  • Overwhelmed by the mess 

Cleaning motivation isn’t something that only a few have. How to get motivated to clean is simple! This article will explain how to get inspired to clean by following 12 simple steps. It can be challenging to design a cleaning schedule that you can stick to, so we created a cleaning house checklist to assist you with your cleaning motivation. Continue reading to learn more about these hints! 

Organize your time by setting a timer

This is an excellent way to inspire yourself to clean. You’re only committed to cleaning for a few minutes and can take a break once the time is up if you’re overwhelmed by the filth. You might also see how much you can clean in that length of time if you’re up for a challenge. 

Setting the alarm can make cleaning more bearable because you will know when you will be finished. Cleaning can take all day if you aren’t working within a set timeframe. If you aren’t working within a set timeline, you will be slower and more easily sidetracked. Setting the alarm will aid in your concentration on the task at hand. 

This is comparable to the Pomodoro Technique, which involves setting a timer for 25 minutes and concentrating on your task during that time. When the timer goes off, you can take a break. Because 25 minutes does not appear too long or intimidating, it removes the barrier to getting started! 

Don’t do it all at once

A marathon cleaning session is the easiest way to ruin your motivation. Instead, stick to a cleaning routine that only necessitates a small amount of cleaning each day. 

Cleaning every day may seem horrible at first, but once it becomes a habit, you won’t even think about it. Attempt to stick to the schedule as much as possible, but understand that when life gets in the way, you’ll need to be flexible. 

Create a cleaning route

Following cleaning, the route is the next thing to stay motivated to clean. This is the path you can follow in your home to complete the cleaning. You can create a loop through the house to avoid zigzagging through it. This puts you on track and prevents you from spending time jumping from one room to the next.

Make a note of all the rooms in your house that require cleaning, such as “Bathroom, Guest Bedroom, Kitchen Closet, Dining Room.” You can also create the work by tasks, such as “polish silver, dust bookshelves, take out the rubbish, vacuum carpets.” 

Get Your Hands on a New Scent

There’s a strange way to motivate yourself to clean: add a few drops of essential oil to a vinegar-based DIY cleaning solution and see if it works. The smell can be energizing, so give it a shot! 

Watch cleaning videos

This one is a little different… You might be wondering how that will help you clean your house. There are a lot of videos available that provide good cleaning motivation. It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone clean their house from start to finish! When you need some reason to clean your house, these motivational videos might help. Just keep an eye out for the YouTube rabbit hole!

After watching one cleaning video, get to work. If you spend an hour viewing video instead of cleaning, you will not be doing yourself any favors. 

Play music!

It’s difficult to get fired up without music, just like during a workout! Something about loud music makes you clean faster and helps you forget you’re cleaning at all. 

If you prefer, listen to an audiobook, podcast, or watch a YouTube video that doesn’t require you to view it. The goal is to be distracted enough that you forget you’re cleaning, but not so much that you forget to clean at all. 

Take before and after pictures

Take a picture of your mess. It always appears worse in photographs. Then, once you’ve finished cleaning, take another shot. Send it to someone happy for you or post it on social media. (It might just be the cleaning motivation they’re looking for!) It can be inspiring to see your progress in pictorial form.  

When you’re struggling to find cleaning motivation, look back to the ‘after’ picture of your sparkling clean home. Then, you’ll be energized all over again! 

Remove all sources of distraction

Keep your phone tucked away so you don’t feel compelled to check it every time you get a notification. If the television is on, make sure it isn’t set to something that will entice you to watch it. The fewer disturbances you have, the faster you’ll be able to complete your cleaning tasks. As soon as you’re done, go back to browsing Instagram or continuing your Netflix binge. 

Make a list of why you are cleaning and refer to it often

Cleaning isn’t merely a hassle. After all, no one appreciates it or wastes time because everything will get dirty again if you ignore it. It’s easier to relax your mind and spirit when your living place is neat and orderly. Clutter and disorderly surroundings harm your mood. When you start cleaning up after yourself, you’ll feel better about your possessions. 

When you’re at home, you’ll enjoy yourself and feel calm. It’s possible to top the feeling of relaxing in a clean house! 

The meaning of cleaning is transformed if cleaning is no longer considered a “chore” but rather a habit of showing kindness to yourself (and your future self). 

Seek assistance or assign tasks to others

Ask your partner and kids for help. Everyone in the house must assist clean up messes and prevent future ones. You might ask for help by assigning jobs or enlisting their assistance cleaning up a lot.

Another option is to employ a service. If you can afford it, it could be a fantastic investment! Consider the time saved, not to mention the avoided tension and arguments. 

Rewards are effective! Don’t forget to reward yourself

When it comes to developing new habits, rewards are a fantastic motivator. People usually think of prizes for their children but forget to treat themselves. You are working hard to make positive changes and motivate your family to follow this example. Don’t feel bad about rewarding yourself once in a while.

Rewards may not necessarily have to be expensive. You can reward yourself with time to do activities that you enjoy but don’t always have time to do, such as reading alone or working on a house project. 

And, when all else fails… Invite Someone Over 

If you’ve ever had someone come over in an hour, you may have learned how quickly the entire house may be cleaned and tidied! There’s nothing like external motivation and a limited time to spark the fire under your buttocks. It’s worth a shot! 

Even if you are overwhelmed, choose small cleaning methods to help you get started on tackling the mess. Once you’ve established some cleaning momentum, attempt a macro technique to clear the clutter. Combining numerous strategies will provide you with a “clean motivation” head start and the power to keep working until the project is completed.

Finally, we all know that the most challenging part of cleaning is getting up to do it. We hope that once you’ve found the cleaning motivation to get up, you’ll be able to apply some of these recommendations to assist you with the cleaning by following these 12 tips we’ve given to you.

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