Things You Should Get Rid of Right Away in Your Bathroom

The bathroom becomes an area where they store (or stuff) all of their care items into whatever space is available for many people. However, clutter there—as in any area—can detract from your overall sense of well-being and cause unnecessary stress, so it’s not always the best solution.

There’s a good chance you’re keeping things in the bathroom that could (and should) be moved elsewhere. It would help organize your belongings based on what you use the most and what works best for your daily routine.

The best way to ensure that the space in your bathroom is being used most efficiently for your specific needs is to evaluate what you have from time to time. Here are some suggestions for what to get rid of in your bathroom.

Hotel Toiletries

Why do we take them from our hotel rooms in the first place? Perhaps we’ll use them at home, pack them for a future trip, or like the brand and want a reminder to buy the full-sized version. But, for a variety of reasons, none of these scenarios are likely to occur. By not taking them home in the first place, you will save time and space.


Do not leave dirty clothes on the bathroom floor or on hooks. It’s not only untidy, but it can also be a slipping hazard if the pieces pile up. Make it a practice to pick up after yourself, or designate a space outside the bathroom for dirty clothes so it doesn’t end up there.

Unused Toothbrushes

According to the American Dental Association, toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months or sooner if the bristles are frayed. It’s also an excellent chance to get rid of your toothbrush if you’ve been sick with the flu or another illness.

Too Many Towels 

Only keep the towels you use in the bathroom; there’s no need to store a large number of towels. Keep the rest of your linens in a linen closet if you’re not using them right now. Then, based on your family’s habits, determine how many you need, rag some if necessary, and donate the rest.

Bath Toys for Kids

It’s time to toss or donate your children’s bath toys if they’ve outgrown them. Only present them if they are in good working order and contain all of the pieces, and only after thoroughly cleaning them with warm soapy water and drying them.


Understandably, people keep jewelry in their bathrooms because we tend to take things off or put them on before and after showering. Still, jewelry can be damaged by prolonged exposure to humidity. Keep your rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry somewhere dry and out of the way of bathroom drains.

Cosmetics and Lotions

Because of the high humidity, makeup and lotions should not be stored in the bathroom, but almost everyone does so anyway. If you must keep them there, check for ingredient separation and changes in color, smell, or consistency regularly. Allow things to go if they don’t look or smell the same as when you bought them. Any products that are more than a year old should also be discarded.

Expired Medicines

Some argue that you shouldn’t keep medicines in your bathroom, but it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. That said, it does not refer to medicine that has passed its expiration date. We recommend going over your supply at least twice a year to get rid of anything expired or is no longer needed.

And, if your medicine cabinet is overflowing with tiny bottles and first-aid supplies, lighten the load by storing Band-Aids and sunscreen somewhere else. Did you know that even sunscreen has an expiration date?

Reading Materials 

If you like to read in the bathroom, that’s fine, but your books don’t have to be stored there. Bring a magazine into the toilet if you want to read it while taking a bath, but remember to take it out when you’re finished. This will ensure that your reading materials are not damaged by water, in addition to keeping clutter to a minimum.

Old Hair Tools 

Hairdryers and other hair appliances can be kept in the bathroom with no problems. However, it is more common to buy a new one and keep the old one ‘just in case.’ Instead, toss the old one or donate it if it’s still in good working order. Also, get rid of any hair appliances that you don’t like, fry your hair, or aren’t compatible with your current hairstyle.


The less clutter you have in your toilet, the less cleaning you’ll have to do. In other words, there is no need to fill space on a vanity. Yes, having a candle to light during a bath or to cover up odors is nice, but that’s all you need. Remove any baskets, bins, or plants that are collecting dust.

Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

In bathrooms, harsh cleaning chemicals have no place. Baking soda, water, white vinegar, liquid castile soap, tea tree oil, and other essential oils can be utilized to clean nearly every surface in the bathroom. 

We also advise against cleaning products in the bathroom because they take up valuable cabinet space and aren’t necessarily used daily.

Cosmetic Bags 

Some people have an abundance of toiletry or makeup bags, which can come in handy when traveling. However, if you have a bunch of them, don’t put them all in the sink. Keep one or two in a drawer or bathroom cabinet under your bed and the rest in your luggage or purses.

Anything Extra 

Extra bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, and other items should not be kept in your bathroom. It’s not necessary to keep five tubes of toothpaste in your drawer. Keep one and use it thoroughly before replacing it. This will free up a lot of space in critical areas of your bathroom and make it feel less cluttered.

If you have to buy in bulk, we recommend keeping an “extras box” in the linen closet or another nearby storage location.

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