11 Things in Your Bathroom You Probably Aren’t Cleaning Enough

Bathrooms, if left unattended, have the potential to become the dirtiest room in the house due to the unusual combination of warmth, humidity, and bacteria that congregate there.

Most people overlook a few items during their standard bathroom cleaning routine. It’s an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and thoroughly clean each! 

Have you recently cleaned these 11 items in your bathroom? Determine what they are and why they should be cleaned regularly. 

Light Switches and Doorknobs

Consider this: every time you enter and exit your bathroom, you probably touch the light switch and doorknob. If you live alone, your light switches and doorknobs are probably not as bad as you think.

However, if you live with others and have children, we recommend cleaning these areas every day. You don’t want to be grabbing that doorknob if someone in your house isn’t washing their hands after using the restroom.

Remember that good hygiene, especially in the bathroom, can go long. 

Toys for the Bathroom

 If bath toys aren’t cleaned regularly, they can accumulate soap scum and mildew layers. That’ll be taken care of with a quick soak in vinegar!

Simply place your bath toys in a bucket, and fill them halfway with warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Allow the toys to soak in the vinegar water for an hour before rinsing them with clean water and allowing them to dry entirely before re-storing. 

Bathroom decor

Bacteria and viruses linger in the air long enough to settle on bathroom surfaces. Consider that little display of shells, fancy guest soaps, bath balms, or even that stack of what you thought were superior clean washcloths and towels just waiting to be used by your guests.

So disinfect anything you can, and consider storing clean linens inside a cabinet if you don’t want to wash them daily. 

Liner for Shower Curtain

Another thing that attracts mildew and soap scum is your vinyl shower curtain liner. Instead of replacing your liner when it becomes soiled, wash it in your washing machine!

Shower curtain liners are easy to shred in the washer. Still, you can “cushion” the liner by washing it with a couple of bath towels. 

Combine 1 cup of baking soda with your regular laundry detergent. Cleaning your shower curtain with baking soda and bath towels will help loosen the gunk and wash it away. 


You can also use your washing machine to clean your loofahs for the bath and shower. You can use your regular laundry detergent to wash them. Hang your loofahs to dry rather than using a dryer after washing them. 

Toilet Brush and Brush Holder

You would clean and disinfect anything that fell into the toilet. So why shouldn’t your toilet brush be cleaned and disinfected the same way?

Soak your toilet brush and brush holder in a bucket of warm water and a couple of capfuls of bleach once a month or so. Allow them to soak for about a half-hour, then rinse with clean water. 

Drain Stopper

With long hair or many girls in the house, you’re probably already cleaning out your tub or shower’s drain stopper, at least semi-regularly. It’s easy to forget to keep the drain stopper clean and the drain free of debris for the rest of us. 

 Empty a cup of white vinegar into a drain stopper to loosen any clogs attached to it. Take advantage of this time to clean your drain with baking soda and vinegar. 

Shower Door Track 

If you use a shower door instead of a curtain, the track or frame of the door can become filthy over time. Pour white vinegar into the track to dissolve all of the gunk. (If your track drains too quickly for the vinegar to stay in, line it with paper towels before pouring it in.) The vinegar will be absorbed by the paper towels, which will allow it to do its job. 

 After letting the vinegar sit on the track, wipe any gunk away with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. 

Hair Brushes

More than just your hair is collected by hairbrushes! Over time, oils, hair products, dust, and dead skin can accumulate on your hairbrush.

Soak your hairbrushes in a warm, soapy water sink to loosen any build-up. Before putting the brushes back in the drawer or cabinet, give them a good rinse and let them air dry. 

Exhaust Fan

If you haven’t looked at the exhaust fan in your bathroom in a while, now is a good time to do so! Your exhaust fan aids in the removal of moisture from the air, which is critical in a small, frequently humid room.

Your exhaust fan is probably not doing its job correctly if it is covered in dust and grime. Your bathroom could become a breeding spot for mold and mildew if the exhaust fan does not remove moisture. 

In reality, it’s a lot easier than you might think to clean your bathroom’s exhaust fan! Even though you’ll be done in less than 30 minutes, your hard work will pay off for months to come. 


While your toothbrush is effective at cleaning your teeth, it should be cleaned regularly. Brushes can act as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Soak your toothbrush overnight in a cup of warm water containing ten drops of Tea Tree essential oil to disinfect it.

Once a week, perform this soak for a cleaner, healthier mouth.

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