8 Secrets for Organizing Small Spaces! 

We’ve all encountered the frustration of having too much stuff and nowhere to put it. This is the reason why clutter is everywhere in our home. This visual chaos might make us feel worried and disorganized.

Living in small spaces shouldn’t keep you from meeting your storage needs. With the right strategies, it’s easy to live small and store well. Whether you live in an apartment, a small house, or have too little space, there is a solution for you!

Dual Purpose Furniture

Make the most of your furniture by buying pieces that can do more than one thing, especially ones that have storage space. Some ottomans and benches can be opened, and many beds now have drawers and other places to store items. If you live in a small area, anything you can do to get more storage space is worth it.

Work Those Nooks & Crannies 

These nooks and crannies are found between walls and pieces of furniture or appliances. Still, they can also be found above or below certain items in your home.

The truth is that you can optimize the small area of dead space you come across. Visit a big box store and share photos of your room with an associate to help you develop creative solutions.

There are many options, like command hooks, hanging systems, stylish storage boxes, and a wide range of custom shelving solutions in different shapes and sizes. It’s much easier than you think to maximize these spaces with a do-it-yourself solution! 

Go to the Ceiling! 

If you have a bookcase, closet shelves, or cupboards, cover the space at the top of the unit and the ceiling with a basket or storage solution. You don’t want to use it all the time, so keep it for deep storage.

Put off-season clothing in a basket, for example, and move it down to a more visible area when the weather changes. You can then replace it with things from the opposite season—after they’ve been washed! 

Optimize Storage Areas

Examine your existing storage spaces—closets, drawers, storage units, desks, and dressers—to see if you’re making the most of them. If you’re not getting the most out of these areas, redesign them to meet your specific organizational needs.

It’s alright to go out and buy an organized tool or product to help you achieve your goal. It’s up to you to understand how to maximize the space you already have. 

Tall and Skinny for the Win 

It’s critical to consider the footprint of each item of furniture in a room while working with a tiny space. Because the area you have to deal with is limited, thinking tall and narrow rather than short and wide will help you open up a room and maximize your space. 

Check behind the mirror

We are not talking about those old-school medicine cabinets your parents still have. Many modern bathroom storage solutions can help keep your vanity clear and organized, like the sliding storage mirror. 

Less Is More

Reducing your products and tools can also help you save a lot of space. Take cleaning supplies because you don’t need several different goods for various tasks. Instead, have pantry staples like vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap on hand and make your cleaning products as needed.

This approach applies to the kitchen, bathroom, and self-care products and tools. Many products can serve many purposes, allowing you to save room in your storage. 

Need vs. Want 

The easiest trick to learn to love your little area is to ask yourself, “Do I need it?” before bringing anything new into your home. Is it something I like?” If the answer to both questions is yes, carry it home; if the answer is no, leave it behind.

Additionally, if you bring something new into your home, attempt to get rid of something you don’t need or want. Well, this strategy is effective at reducing clutter. 

What clever organization ideas do you have for small spaces? What did we miss? We are glad to hear from you!

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