Tips to Maintain Your House Clean with Kids

Any parent will tell you that keeping a clean house with children around is a challenge.

You and your family, however, may suffer as a result of a messy home. Stress, depression, and anxiety are all linked to having a cluttered home, according to research. According to a study, cortisol levels were higher in mothers who lived in a chaotic home environment in 2009. 

It may be more straightforward than you believe in keeping your house clean with kids. 

Find out how to keep your house clean and how to get your kids on board by reading on. 

The initial step is to make sure you have a designated spot for everything

Maintaining a clean and organized home requires that all of your belongings have a place to call home. 

Everyone in your household must be on the same page if you want them to follow the example you’ve set. In a family meeting, you can walk through the house and ensure everyone knows where everything is. There are many ways to involve your family in decision-making, including an open discussion about the best places to relocate. 

It’s important to choose locations where cleaning and putting things away won’t be a hassle. Keep a broom in the kitchen rather than the garage if you need a quick kitchen sweep.

Instill in your children a sense of pride and responsibility in cleaning their rooms

Cleaning up after your children can be a challenge, but teaching them to do it themselves can help ease the burden on you. 

Having some guidance and support is necessary, but you can encourage children to respect their space and take pride in keeping it clean. Make this a regular occurrence at their house. 

The development of a child relies heavily on routines. Self-regulation skills in children are better when they grow up in a routine-oriented environment, according to research. For example, they are better able to handle stress and challenges. 

Create a daily, weekly, or monthly task list for your child’s room with your help. Make a list with your children and involve them in the process. 

To make checking off items on a list more enjoyable for your children, use a whiteboard. Your children will feel accomplished as a result of this.

Allocate Space for Play

It’s easy for your kids to get sidetracked by their own play and wander into rooms and areas of the house that aren’t designed for it. 

Your children should know where to find their favorite toys and games in your home. Also, tell them that they need to clean up the play area before they can go to another part of the house. 

When playtime is over, this will make cleanup a lot easier. 

If the designated play areas are located in common areas, be sure to keep a trash can or a basket nearby so that cleanup is quick and easy afterward.

Make use of environmentally friendly cleaning products

With the right products, you can learn how to keep your home clean with children. 

Cleaning supplies that are safe for children, such as toddlers, are essential if you want to get your entire family involved in cleaning the house.

You can make non-toxic homemade products for your children’s use. A unique set of products can even be made just for them, including a mini spray bottle. This all-purpose cleaner can be made with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and water.

You can get started on your clean green trend by hiring a professional green cleaning service for your home. 

In the fifth step, purge, purge, purge!

If you have children, you’ll need to get rid of things quickly to avoid a cluttered home.

Before setting up rules for cleaning and getting organized, you need to thoroughly purge your home of unnecessary items. 

As a result, children have a great deal of “stuff.” More than they need, but less than they want. Toys and clothing are also quickly outgrown by them. Donate those items as soon as possible. 

You can keep a donation-only bin or basket in a spare storage area. 

A deep clean may be for your newly decluttered home after you’ve completed the initial purge. 

Purchasing new things is a waste of time and money

To sum it up, if you want to keep your house clean with kids, our best advice is to avoid buying new things.

Consumption is encouraged in our culture, based on the idea that the more you buy, the better. In addition to keeping time and effort, this rule will also save you money! 

Don’t spend money on yourself unless it’s a birthday or holiday. Attempt to get rid of at least one or two things when you go through your belongings.

Although it may be enticing to give in to your child’s desires, children often grow out of toys quickly. It is an excellent approach to encourage your children to give their unused toys to children in need.

Organize a Cleaning Schedule

Getting the whole family involved in this one is a great idea! Make a list of all the cleaning tasks and assign one to each member of the family. 

Everyone can be assigned a daily, weekly, or monthly job. Keep everyone accountable by posting a list where they can see it. In this process, everyone is on the same page about what needs to be accomplished.

Smaller tasks can be assigned to younger children. To ensure that these tasks become ingrained habits, it is essential to practice them regularly.

Our final advice…How to Keep Your House Clean with Children?

We all want a place where our children can grow, learn, and thrive in a clean environment. Use our list of essential tips to keep your home clean with children. Put limits on what can be brought into the house, don’t buy anything new, create safe zones for children to play in, and use only safe products. 

Even though life can get a little messy at times, these tips will help the whole family work together to maintain the house clean and organized

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