How To Get Rid of Dog Smells In Your Home

The good news is that studies show you’re probably happier and healthier if you share your home with a furry friend. What’s the bad news? It’s possible that your home isn’t.

But fear not! With a few preventive measures, some household items you probably already have on hand, and a deep breath, you can keep the pet dirt at bay—and your free time free. Are you intrigued yet?

Why Do Our Dogs Smell So Bad?

Your furry friend is undeniably proud of its smell. It’s their unique identity, their imprint on the world. Consider the stinky hot dog breath, the saliva on their toys and bed, and the saliva on your face and neck.

Dogs, like humans, have oily skin and waxy ear buildup. Did you also know that they sweat through their feet? That’s a lot of dog odor to deal with.

So, how does one keep a dog-free house? Continue reading these tips to learn how to keep your pet-friendly home looking clean and odor-free.

Let In Some Fresh Air

Does persistent pet smell affect the energy in your home? Open up the windows! Of course, weather permitting, let all the fresh air in while you get all the funky air out. 

Although it is not a magic solution, airing out your home will help to reduce pet odors. Begin by opening every screened window and door in your home, as well as any entries that can be opened.

When airing out your home, keep your dog’s safety in mind – you don’t want to look down and see your dog running out the front door.

Wash Your Walls

They are one of the essential parts of a home, yet they are almost always overlooked when it comes to home cleaning; we’re referring to your interior walls, of course!

Urine stains in your home aren’t always limited to the floors; they can also be found on the lower portions of your walls. 

All you need is a mop bucket and some powdered laundry detergent (although liquid would probably do). It’s also a good idea to use a laundry booster because it boosts the laundry detergent and makes things cleaner, but it’s not absolutely necessary. 

Fill your mop bucket with a little bit of detergent, a little bit of laundry booster, and then add essential oils. Once you’ve filled it all up, simply take your regular mop, then it’s basically mopping your floors, but instead, you’re mopping the walls! 

You are actually not required to do this throughout your entire home. You can mop the walls where your dog sleeps, such as in the living room and bedroom, and this will absolutely make your whole house smell wonderful. We sincerely hope you give it a shot!

Deodorize Your Floors Or Carpet

Fill your clean empty jar about a third of the way with baking soda, followed by five drops of essential oils. 

Then you fill it another third of the way with baking soda and add ten drops of essential oils before filling the rest of the jar with five more drops of essential oils. 

After that, put the lid. If you want to cut holes in the top, do so first, then shake it up. It’s as simple as that. Then you just use it like normal and sprinkle it all over. 

A great tip is to do this the night before and leave it to sit all night. This will really help get into the carpet fibers and pick up all the dirt before vacuuming it up.

Grab Those Dryer Sheets

Take some dryer sheets or car air fresheners and stick them throughout the house. You may hide them anywhere; you can put them on the couch or under the cushions. 

Stick them in your dresser doors if you want to keep your laundry smelling fresh (an excellent hack tip). Simply placing these things throughout your home will keep it smelling fresh!

Wash Your Dog Bed Regularly

Your pet’s bed is most likely the stinkiest thing in your home because your dog is constantly coating it in hair, dander, dirt, saliva, and urine. 

If your dog has a bed, make sure you wash it regularly. You may add vinegar when you wash the bed because it’s a natural deodorizer.  

After you’ve washed the cover and put the bed back together, you might want to consider treating it with a stain repellant. This should keep it cleaner and smelling better moving forward.

Bath Your Dog

This may sound obvious, but when your dog begins to stink, you know it’s time for a bath. 

Baths, especially with a nice-smelling dog shampoo, are a simple way to maintain your dog’s hygiene in top shape. It will not only make your dog feel clean and fresh but your home, too!

Our dogs, like us, need a clean environment to live happy, healthy lives. They rely on us to provide a clean and safe environment for them to live in, and by using these few extra steps into your regular cleaning routine, you can ensure they get it.

Also, of course! A clean environment benefits everyone, not just pets—everyone, including residents, will feel better with a clean home!

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