Fantastic Move-in Cleaning Tips!

When you move into a new apartment, condo or house, there is a good chance that someone has lived there before you. So, one of the best ways to accept your new home is to take care of it before moving in.

Cleaning, replacing sanitary appliances, and rearranging furniture to suit your preferences are excellent first-to-do things.

But you won’t be able to achieve much unless you have a plan in place. That is why we wrote these Fantastic Move-in Cleaning Tips, which will assist you in cleaning your new home from top to bottom! Continue reading to learn about the most important tips to remember!

Front hallway

When cleaning, always work from top to bottom, as this is the direction in which dust falls. So, in a space, a hallway, or a common area of the room, you always want to start right from the top, where you can dust the light fixture.

Then it would be best if you focused on areas where the ceiling meets the wall, as these are prone to cobwebs and dust buildup over time.

Then it would help if you went down the wall because there are door frames there that no one ever cleans, so it’s an excellent opportunity to clean the top and sides of the door frames.

You should also clean and disinfect any points of contact, such as locks, light switches, and other similar items.


Giving the baseboards a thorough cleaning completes the space. If your baseboards aren’t too bad, you could clean them with a broom or a flathead mop. If they really need it, wipe them down with an all-purpose cleaner-sprayed cloth.


We’ll begin with any light fixtures and overhead exhaust fans in the bathroom. Take a vacuum with a vacuum brush attachment and make sure the light is turned off. You’ll give the room a quick vacuum to remove any dust and cobwebs, and then you’ll do the same with the overhead fan.

Moving on, remove the cover from the mirror, which is obviously an excellent opportunity to clean. Then, clean the sink, and you may use an excellent heavy-duty cleaner to make sure everything is nice and clean. If you notice any strange odors or if the drain is not draining correctly, consider cleaning it as well.

Well, this is actually a good time to clean the faucet, and if you notice any mold or mildew, you can treat it with a mold or mildew cleaner, leave it for 24 hours to scrub it off, and you should be fine.

Finish by spraying the interior of the cupboards and drawers, letting it sit for about 5 minutes, and then wiping it down. 

Next are the toilet and the tub, both of which require attention. It would be best if you begin by spraying and wiping down your toilet, cleaning the bowl, and cleaning the area around the bathroom because you never know what’s going on around there. You may also want to consider purchasing a new toilet seat entirely.

When it comes to cleaning the tub and shower, give it a good spray with a tub and tile cleaner, let it sit, scrub it, and rinse it thoroughly to ensure it’s nice and clean and free of soap scum, and do the same with the drains, making sure they’re draining correctly. 

Laundry Room 

Another critical area to clean is your laundry room. In any case, this requires some attention. For example, if you look at the rubber gasket, it may appear brown, and if you don’t know what is going on inside, that must be cleaned.

Also, make sure to empty your lint trap because you never know what people have left behind. You can even take it out and vacuum it thoroughly to ensure that all of the extra lint is removed.

We would also recommend cleaning the appliance’s exterior and giving it a good wipe down, paying particular attention to the points of contact on the top and sides. You’re always finding this detergent and other stuff dripping down the side. You want to make sure that it is in excellent condition.


A closet is something that the bedroom has that many other places do not. Walk-in closets are essential to clean because they collect a lot of dust, and we rarely empty them.

So now is a great time to dust not only the ceilings and corners but also any of the shelves, the undersides of the shelves, and those little tiny corners at the ends of your closet, the baseboards, and the floor.


A step ladder is essential for safe and effective window cleaning. When it comes to cleaning your windows, remember that you should also clean the frames because this is often overlooked. If you bought a place with a beautiful view, you’d want to see what’s going on out there.

It would help if you also remembered to clean your window coverings thoroughly, including the total balance, and treat your window covering as it should be cleaned. When you have a window treatment like this, you should pull each panel out, take a cloth, spray it with an all-purpose cleaner, and wipe it from top to bottom.

You may also notice a vent; you’ve got them all over the place. It’s a significant time for you to take a moment and clean those with your vacuum attachment. You never know when they were last cleaned, and it helps keep the air in your home fresh.

Air Return Vent 

Because you never know if there were pets or smokers in the house before, it is critical to ensure that the air return vent is clean and that the filter is changed.

Obviously, once you’ve moved in, you’ll want a clean slate, and this is a wonderful start to getting one. While you’re at it, you can also give it a quick wipe-down.


Many components are very similar when thoroughly cleaning a kitchen, such as cupboards and drawers, backsplash, and counters. So, when you’re doing that, make sure you include the exterior.

Grease splatters and fingerprints can be seen, and you also want to clean the handles, which are points of contact.

Depending on your kitchen layout, you may have a microwave above your oven that serves as an exhaust, or you may only have an exhaust fan above your range.

In any case, that area needs to be cleaned; it’s frequently very greasy, so use a strong degreaser on it. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing it.

A flat cooktop is a little bit easier to clean because you can scrub it down with a cleaner that won’t scratch it while also lifting off any gunk. You can remove the coils from an oven if you have one. Using a heavy-duty cleaner, thoroughly clean the drip pans in the oven area.

Make sure to clean the inside of your oven and make certain that all oven racks are removed. If you have this general area, the backsplash, and the counter, you may want to use a heavy-duty cleaner and consider the type of material that it is.

If it’s a natural stone, you don’t want to use anything that could potentially ruin the finish, so find something gentle but thorough.

Because the sink is such an essential part of your kitchen, you must keep it clean. The fridge is another vital component of any kitchen. You’ll want to make sure that it’s cleaned, as well as your freezer. 


Once you’ve finished all of this cleaning, then clean the floors all at once, so make sure you vacuum or sweep first, then mop! 

Timing of your cleaning 

If you’re renovating you should get rid of all the dirt and thoroughly clean before moving in. So, technically, the cleaning should take place before the boxes arrive. 

And once you’ve cleaned everything up, voila! Your new living space now has a personal touch to it, bringing you one step closer to calling it home!

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