How to Clean Hardwood Floors 

Cleaning hardwood floors in Louisville, KY, can be challenging and time-consuming.

Why is it so important to clean your hardwood floors? Hardwood floors give your home a rustic, inviting feel.

They’re long-lasting and can last for decades if properly cared for. These hardwood floor cleaning ideas can help you maintain them clean and beautiful for a long time.

Follow these tips from us, and you’ll keep your hardwood floor in tiptop shape! 

Different types of hardwood floors: 

  • The polyurethane coating gives the floors a clean and shiny appearance. 
  • Hardwood finished wood has an oily coating that repels liquids or water. 
  • Unfinished hardwood floors should not be mopped because it will damage them. 

To examine if you can mop your floors, drop a few drops of water in a secret spot and see if it beads up. If it does, your floors are coated. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Vinegar 
  • Dishwashing liquid 
  • Wringer bucket 
  • Microfiber twist mop 
  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Warm water 

Steps to clean your hardwood floors

Step 1

Take your dishwashing liquid and put half a pinky nail’s worth into a wringer pail.

Dishwashing liquid is an excellent cleaner and will further remove dirt without leaving a residue or anything nasty behind.

Step 2

Add a cap of vinegar and fill with hot water. Vinegar is a gentle disinfectant and will help to cut grease and doesn’t leave streaks behind.

Make sure you only use a capful of vinegar because any more than that will actually remove the finish, which is entirely counterintuitive.

So, fill your bucket halfway with hot water, add a capful of vinegar, half a pinky nail’s worth of dish soap, and we’re almost ready to go.

Step 3

Wet the mop head in the bucket for a few minutes to soften. The mop has to be about dry before mopping the hardwood floor.

Your feet can either be on the side of the bucket, which helps you get perfect leverage.

Remember, the mop has to be relatively dry before even using it on the hardwood floor.

Step 4

girl mopping bamboo floor

Clean in an S-shaped pattern with your mop. To accomplish this, begin mopping in one corner and work your way to the opposite corner before returning to the first.

This ensures that you clean the entire floor from top to bottom and left to right. Keep your bucket close to you and avoid walking into areas you’ve already cleaned.

Step 5

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down so no water is left behind.

Step 6

Clean and vacuum once or twice a week and mop once or two weeks to maintain your sparkling hardwood floors! 

Do you want someone to come in and clean your hardwood floors for you? Get in touch with us right away! 

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